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We provide access to support and programs that empower the lives of people living with neuromuscular diseases.

MDA Connect

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At MDA, we don't want you to navigate your neuromuscular disease journey alone; we are here to help. We know that life with a neuromuscular disease can be a challenging journey requiring a multitude of resources and support relating to education, careers, accessibility, caregiving, transportation, connecting with community, general disease education and more. MDA Connect is an opportunity to meet via video with an MDA Specialist. This program provides convenient access for MDA members, families and caregivers, and other members of the neuromuscular community to connect to the MDA team.

MDA Connect meetings are 30-minute video calls with an MDA Specialist who can provide assistance locating resources, navigating care within MDA’s Care Center Network, and sharing information on MDA programs and opportunities for engagement. MDA Specialists do not provide medical advice and/or counseling services.

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  • Schedule an MDA Connect video call

    Step 1: Click here to schedule

    Step 2: Select MDA Staff

    Options are available to schedule with a specific MDA staff member, or select 'Anyone' for the broadest scheduling availability. MDA Connect appointments are available in English and Spanish. For Spanish, please select an MDA staff member from the drop-down list who has 'Spanish available' listed after their name. To connect with an MDA staff member in another language please contact MDA's Resource Center at or 800-572-1717 to schedule a phone call utilizing a translation service.

    Step 3: Select Date & Time
    MDA Connect appointments can be scheduled Monday – Friday 9AM – 5PM Central Time and are 30 minutes in length.

    Step 4: Your Details

    Please complete the form to fully book your appointment. Please include any details in the note section to better prepare your Specialist for the appointment.

    Step 5: Consent and Terms

    To participate in MDA Connect you must be 18+ years of age and agree to MDA terms and conditions.

    Step 6: Review MDA Connect Confirmation Emails

    Once your appointment is booked, you will receive a confirmation email with the meeting link and details. You will be able to review, change, and/or cancel your booking via the confirmation email. Additionally, you will receive reminder emails prior to your meeting. Feel free to save the calendar invite to your personal calendar. Please note that appointments are scheduled in Central Time.

  • Preparing for Your Appointment

    Use these tips to help your 30-minute appointment run smoothly:

    • Check your email for MDA Connect instructions. Be sure to review any email communications from MDA. You will receive a confirmation email, appointment reminders, as well as updates about your upcoming appointment. Be sure to read these in advance.
    • Come prepared with your questions to make the most of your time with a Specialist. Please note that call recording is not permitted.
    • Reduce background noise. Try to find a quiet place free from distraction, if possible. For privacy purposes, headphones are recommended.
    • Closing other applications on your device can help facilitate a better video connection.
  • Joining Your Appointment

    Step 1: On the date and time of your appointment, please open the confirmation email you received and select the “Join your appointment” button, indicated by the red arrow. Please sign-in to your appointment at least 5 minutes prior to the scheduled start time to ensure the application is working properly.

    Note: You may need to download the Microsoft Teams App to participate in the meeting. If required, Microsoft will automatically prompt you and provide step-by-step instructions.

    Step 2: You will be asked to identify your name prior to the meeting.

    Step 3: You will be asked to confirm settings within your device to allow audio and visual features. In some situations, you may need to allow permission for your device to utilize your microphone and camera.

    Step 4: You will first be granted access into the meeting lobby, this space allows you to test audio and video features. The meeting will not begin until the MDA staff starts the meeting.

    Reminder: Your meeting time has been reserved specifically for you. Please arrive on time for your appointment. If you have not joined within 10 minutes of the meeting start time you will have to reschedule.

  • After Your Appointment

    Connecting with MDA doesn’t end when you log off! Continue to engage with MDA using these tips:

    • Schedule your next MDA Connect appointment. MDA is always here for you. We recommend connecting with a Specialist virtually twice a year.
    • Contact the National Resource Center. Call (800) 572-1717 Monday – Friday, 9AM – 5PM CT or email anytime for questions and support.
    • Your MDA Specialist will follow up with additional resources if needed after the appointment.
    • Give feedback and suggestions. Look for a survey to arrive in your inbox after your meeting. Feedback on your experience with MDA Connect is appreciated.
  • Troubleshooting Technology

    Here are some common troubleshooting tips to use if you are having trouble logging in to your appointment:

    • Restart your computer or device.
    • Make sure your device is plugged in and charged.
    • Check your internet connection. Close additional applications to help improve connection. Sometimes connections are not strong enough to handle video streaming so turning off your camera and using voice may be best.
    • Update your device.
    • Try connecting with a different device.

    To connect directly with your scheduled Specialist by email, open up the confirmation email and/or calendar invite to collect the email of the Specialist you are assigned to send a notification email.

    • If you need to cancel or reschedule, feel free to do so at any time via the confirmation email or by calling MDA's National Resource Center at (800) 572-1717 or via email at
  • Friendly reminders...

    • All meetings are limited to 30 minutes.
    • By participating in a virtual appointment, you agree that you may not save, record, share or post this session or any photos from this session. MDA staff also agree that they will not save, record, share or post this session or any photos from this session. By participating in a virtual appointment, both parties agree to promote zero tolerance of hostile, violent or abusive behavior, consistent with MDA policies prohibiting intimidation and harassment.
    • If you are unable to keep this appointment and need to reschedule or cancel, please do so following the instructions in your confirmation email.
    • MDA Specialists are not medical professionals and will not provide medical advice and/or counseling services.